The LGM Unit & System Specifications

Little Green Marine

When the design team at Little Green Marine Ltd started work on the LGM CCTV Pod they had to draw on their significant experience to bring you a future proofed CCTV system. One that easily outperforms traditional modes of CCTV, all whilst retaining an excellent price point in the CCTV marketplace.

System Specifications

With its powerful and resilient power cell, wireless and network capabilities, 360° visual monitoring and 24 hour detection, remote reporting and consistent performance, the LGM CCTV Pod is designed to provide reliable CCTV coverage where ever your project may be.

Key Points

  • Two Year Power Cell no power source required
  • Fully Wireless System no cables or civils required
  • Environmental Compliance Lower your carbon footprint and achieve BREEAM certification
  • Live Dial In via mobile app and online portal
  • Text Message Alert of all system activations
  • Audio Warning to deter intruders
  • System Health Check carried out daily to ensure continuous service

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Physical Specifications

The robust, tamper proof exterior of the LGM CCTV Pod protects the vision, processing and connectivity of the futureproof system designed to ensure your project is secure without blowing the budget.

Key Points

  • Save on generator fuel costs the onboard power cells offer a two year battery life
  • Ergonomic Lifting Points for easy install and reconfiguration, by hand, at a moment’s notice
  • 360° Omnidirectional Coverage via 4x Infrared night vision, weatherproof, Fresnel passive lens, 90° wide angle cameras
  • Tamper Detect System and an internal tilt detection switch
  • 4G Data Sim for high speed connectivity

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