Major Civils Projects

The Little Green Marine system provides CCTV monitoring necessary to shave costs off your site's security.

CCTV for Major Civils Projects

From the highest bridge to the deepest tunnel, civil engineers are designing the buildings and structures we all take for granted. With multiple sites and challenging locations, civils project can be a “bridge” too far for a security supplier.

Wirelessly link multiple LGM CCTV Pods across compounds, storage areas and assets to form one site wide security network. Offering a far greater level of responsiveness, the LGM CCTV Pod represents a financially viable alternative to traditional security solutions.

Key Points

  • Hourly Diagnostic Check to ensure system is functioning correctly
  • Rechargeable two year power cell
  • Infrared Night Vision and 360° wide-angle lens
  • Fully Monitored via secure encrypted network
  • Instant Footage using Mobile App

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