Renewable Energy Projects

The LGM unit utilises onboard power cells with a significant two year lifespan.

CCTV for Renewable Energy Sites

With the majority of sites in remote locations and without a mains power supply, renewable energy sites can be uniquely challenging.

The LGM CCTV Pod comes with an onboard power cell that can last for up to two years without charge thus lowering the carbon footprint in line with the project. With all alert communications made via the internal networked 4G Data Sim, the system can function in some of the remotest areas of the UK.

Key Points

  • Full Coverage 20 interlinked units on one system
  • Eco Friendly Power Cell no need for a generator or power cables
  • Fully Monitored with priority Police response
  • Instant Footage through mobile App
  • Robust Armoured Unit easy install and reconfiguration

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