Infrastructure Projects

The Little Green Marine is geared for the rigours of transportation infrastructure sites and boasts costs more suited to contractor expectations.

CCTV for Transportation Infrastructure Projects

A single infrastructure project can be spread across many miles of road, railway track and pipeline with multiple large compounds and smaller satellite sites in operation at the same time. Due to the varying nature of the work involved the sites may also move to new locations every couple of weeks.

The mobile LGM CCTV Pod can be manually repositioned to suit where you need a security presence on any given day. Thanks to the LGM CCTV Pod’s onboard power cell, the system can be positioned almost anywhere, regardless of whether there is available mains power or generators stationed in the area.

Key Points

  • Infrared 360° Continuous Camera to ensure full coverage
  • Easy Installation and Free Reconfiguration to maintain protection
  • Two Year rechargeable power cell
  • Remote Viewing available online and through mobile app
  • Priority Police Response reactive to alarm activation

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