Utilities Projects

The Little Green Marine system provides effective CCTV monitoring without obstructing your schedules.

CCTV for Utilities Projects

Whether it be electricity or broadband, gas or water, utilities connect the country through an expansive network of tunnels and pipes. Accessing the hidden network creates its own challenges along with ensuring that access points are kept secure and safe.

An ideal multisite security solution is the easily re-deployable LGM CCTV Pod that has been designed to meet the needs of clients seeking a more mobile security solution. With 24 hour 360° monitoring and infrared low light visual coverage, the LGM CCTV Pod’s powerful long-life battery ensures the system can be deployed to locations that lack mains or generator power for extensive periods of time.

Key Points

  • Fully Wireless for easy install and reconfiguration
  • Two Year Power Cell no power source required
  • Robust Unit to withstand the rigors of such challenging environments
  • Dedicated Client App and monitoring station
  • Priority Police Response mobilised on system alarm activation

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