Void Property Projects

A reliable and cost-effective solution deployed for void property managers that supersedes the performance of standard CCTV systems.

CCTV for Void Property

Whether it be Social Housing schemes earmarked for redevelopment, a former hospital that is awaiting being demolished, or a large property that is due to be sold, void property’s main security issues are the lack of regular human presence to detect and deter theft and vandalism.

The LGM’s provide a reliable and cost-effective solution the above problems, the highly visible LGM CCTV Pod utilises an audible and flare lighting deterrent within its armoury. Text messages with all alert footage being transmitted to a dedicated ACS accredited monitoring hub, you can be confident that your CCTV is up to the task of protecting your assets.

Key Points

  • Indoor / Outdoor Use to reduce vacancy and insurance costs
  • Fully Wireless for easy install and redeployment
  • Two Year Power Cell no power source required
  • Live Audio Warning from ACS monitoring station
  • Text Message Alerts keeping you informed of system activations and live intrusions

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